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Wearable Antiquity Is Yours: The Roman Glass Collection, Unearthed

The world’s oldest gemstone, the first pearl can be traced back to 420 BC when a fragment was found in the sarcophaImagine artisans working in Israel 2,000 years ago, hand-blowing glass objects such as vases and other everyday vessels thanks to revolutionary glass-making techniques refined by the Romans. Now the remnants of those objects—buried for two millennia in mineral-rich earth unique to the land—have been excavated by archaeologists who found that over time, a reaction to properties in the soil resulted in the glass surface taking on strikingly beautiful color striations called patina. Joolala’s latest collection incorporates fragments of this genuine ancient Roman glass in each design, beautifully merging past and present.

Artifacts Unique to Israel

Israel’s damp, oxide-rich soil (especially near Jerusalem) makes the country one of the few places on Earth where genuine ancient Roman glass can be found. Each and every excavated fragment is unique in color, patina, shape, and thickness, owing to the combination of age, archaeological site, and the artisan who hand-crafted it long ago.

The talented artisans of Joolala have brought history to life, flawlessly embedding fragments of ancient Roman glass in their signature jewelry made with high-quality .925 sterling silver. See time itself reflected in the ancient glass featured in the Fusion of Ages Drop Earrings, Ancient Grace Drop Earrings, and Beauty Anew Drop Earrings. Admire how the glass, buried for an age, drinks in the sun’s rays in the Bold Remembrance Necklace, Ancient Echoes Necklace, and Timeless Window Necklace. Embrace the privilege of wearing glass from the past in the Eternal Treasures Ring, Enduring Elegance Ring, and Ancient Clarity Ring. Each design comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to its uniqueness and originality.

Treat Like Fine Jewelry

Despite its age, ancient Roman glass is surprisingly sturdy and easy to care for. Treat it like fine jewelry—remove before bathing, swimming, or applying lotion and perfume. Keep your ring, necklace, or earrings shining bright with a good-quality silver jewelry cleaner, taking care to avoid getting water or liquid polish on the patinated glass itself. Your ancient Roman glass will continue to stand the test of time as you make each design part of your own history.

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