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JOOLALA began through a love for the craft and a little extra room where the magic could happen.
We aimed to create jewelry that was more than just adornment, but rather another form of self expression. We believed that people – their moods, experiences and even outfits – are ever changing and their jewelry should reflect that.

We began making handcrafted jewelry

with great attention to detail from the now iconic blue woodshed that was our first studio. From these humble origins we have grown into an international brand with over 40 years of experience, though we still hold onto much of our philosophy from decades ago. Today, much like our woodshed days, we do all of our work inhouse, from design to production to packaging, with our whole team engaged together in one big collaborative open space.


Our jewelry focuses on highlighting the beautiful raw materials we use. We pay homage to the nature that surrounds us by creating jewelry with an organic aesthetic that can be worn everyday. Throughout our years of experience, quality has always been our leading principle.

We continue to foster a diverse and talented team of creative craftsmen and women. These seasoned pros in turn, work with young designers fresh out of school through our mentoring program.

JOOLALA is both a brand and family striving to bring you beautiful, quality creations born of our natural world with a timeless appeal and bohemian flair.


We are still inspired by nature and innovation, whether that be a new material or a fresh new outlook from one of our many talented designers. Speaking of which…

In our now iconic blue woodshed is where we first began to experiment with all the mystifying raw materials nature had to offer – metals, stones and ancient Roman glass. Today, our focus is on 925 silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and CZ.

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